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137 Products

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    EVERYDAY RUNNING SHOES MADE IN PART WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS. There are shoes you can run in. And then there are your running shoes. The SOLARGLIDE 6 are the ones you lace up every day with goals in mind, like ramping up your mileage or aiming for a personal best. They’ve…

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    4.390 kr.

    FIELDPLAYER GLOVES COMFORTABLE, WARM AND BREATHABLE SOCCER GLOVES FOR COLD-WEATHER CONDITIONS. You can’t be at your competitive best with cold hands. These soccer gloves provide warmth in cold weather. Fitted for comfort, they are built of lightweight fleece, easy to put on and feature a vented wrist cuff for breathability.…

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    40.490 kr.

    The Ultraboost model has been the flagship running shoe of adidas for many years. Constructed on the basis of the revolutionary Boost technology, which is the main material constituting the midsole of these extremely comfortable shoes. This is a perfect proposition for runners for the fall and winter season. The…

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    28.990 kr.

    SOLARGLIDE 6 SHOES There are shoes you can run in. And then there are your running shoes. The SOLARGLIDE 6 are the ones you lace up every day with goals in mind, like ramping up your mileage or aiming for a personal best. They’ve got the tech you need to…

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    13.490 kr.

    A MATCH DAY DUFFEL FOR MAN UTD FANS, MADE IN PART WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS. Pack your football kit into a bag designed for match day. With a large main compartment, smaller zip pockets and a ventilated area especially for your soggy boots, this Manchester United duffel from adidas is dressing…

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    26.990 kr.

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION TERREX TRAIL RUNNING VEST LIGHTWEIGHT TRAIL RUNNING VEST WITH STORAGE, MADE IN PART WITH PARLEY OCEAN PLASTIC. Run all day, or all night. The adidas Terrex trail running vest is built for big days in the mountains. Lightweight and breathable, this vest has quick access to your soft…

  • 24.990 kr.

    DESCRIPTION Take your performance to the next level with these women’s handball shoes. The lightweight and low-cut silhouette offers stability and mobility on the court, while the Adizero technology and cushioning in the midsole deliver maximum energy return. You’ll feel comfortable and in control, whether you’re playing singles or doubles.…

  • 24.990 kr.

    ADIZERO FASTCOURT SHOES LOW-PROFILE, LIGHTWEIGHT SHOES MADE IN PART WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS. Be first to everything on indoor courts. Super-sleek adidas Adizero Fastcourt shoes sit on a platform of a lightweight Lightstrike midsole and biting, multidirectional rubber outsole with rounded edges for natural movement. It’s a combination built to support…

  • 27.990 kr.

    CRAZYFLIGHT SHOES LIGHTWEIGHT, ENERGY-RETURNING SHOES MADE IN PART WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS. The ultimate jump shoe is back to take you higher on indoor courts. Sleek and lightweight, these adidas Crazyflight shoes have a breathable mesh upper with a comfortable suede lining. Created for takeoffs and landings, three-quarter-length BOOST cushioning is…

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  • 28.490 kr.

    PREDATOR ACCURACY.2 FIRM GROUND BOOTS Control + accuracy = confidence. When the goal’s in your sights, target perfection with adidas Predator Accuracy. The soft HybridTouch upper on these football boots includes a mid-cut knit textile collar for lockdown and a moulded sockliner for no-distraction play. High Definition Grip rubber elements…

  • 19.990 kr.

    PREDATOR ACCURACY.3 LACELESS FIRM GROUND BOOTS TEXTURED, LACELESS BOOTS FOR FINDING THE TARGET, MADE IN PART WITH RECYCLED MATERIALS. Top corner. Bottom corner. All the corners. adidas Predator Accuracy is crafted for goalscoring, so you know the ball will find the net. The fun’s in choosing how it gets there.…

  • 37.490 kr.

    AWARD-WINNING COMFORT Recognized by Runner’s World as one of 2023’s best training shoes, the newest member of the Ultraboost family emerged from over 100 models tested for their annual Shoe Awards. Experience its cushioning, stability and style today. ULTRABOOST IS BACK. NOW LIGHTER THAN EVER. Experience epic energy in every…

  • 37.490 kr.


    Experience epic energy in every stride with the Ultraboost Light. Our lightest Ultraboost ever, made with 30% lighter BOOST material.
    What is Ultraboost Light?
    Ultraboost Light is the lightest Ultraboost shoe to date. It is a neutral running shoe offering the ultimate cushioned and responsive experience. Its heightened level of comfort and style means the shoe has a versatility that can take its use case beyond the run.
    How was the Ultraboost Light midsole produced?
    For many runners, it’s the BOOST midsole that make Ultraboost their go-to shoe for runs where endurance is top priority. Each tiny capsule within the midsole works together to deliver epic energy in every stride. The new Light BOOST material is 30% lighter than the previous BOOST compound, making Ultraboost Light the lightest Ultraboost ever!
    What does Energy Return mean?
    The magic lies in the Light BOOST midsole, a new generation of adidas BOOST with even more energy return. Its unique molecule design achieves the lightest BOOST foam to date. The ‘linear energy point’ delivers a high level of responsiveness as the foot transitions through the gait cycle.
    What is the Ultraboost Light used for?
    What is the Ultraboost Light used for?

    Ultraboost Light footwear is designed for running first and foremost. Just like previous versions, Ultraboost Light is the product of several rounds of rigorous wear tests by athletes who need top performance from their running footwear. The lightweight outsole provides grip for all kinds of weather and surfaces, and enough flexibility to move in harmony with the midsole for a smooth, secure stride.

    What does 10% lower carbon footprint than previous Ultraboost mean?
    From raw material extraction, processing, packaging, all the way to the end of product’s life, we calculate its carbon footprint for the complete lifecycle of the product, conforming to an internationally recognized standard: ISO 14067. This is just one of our initiatives to help reduce our footprint.
  • 24.990 kr.
    Women’s waterproof jacket adidas Terrex Multi Rain.RDY 2

    A multi-purpose adidas rain jacket for heading out into the wilderness or into a rainy day in the city. RAIN.RDY helps keep you dry, blocking out the foul weather and wind. A security pocket and two zippered pockets store your most valuable belongings. Block out the cold with the jacket’s hood, chin guard, and hook-and-loop cuffs.Made with 100% recycled materials, this product represents just one of our solutions to help end plastic waste. Regular fit